About us

About Capstan Alliance Church

Richmond Capstan Alliance Church is a Christ-centered community being called and sent by the Spirit to participate in God’s mission.

In Richmond Capstan Alliance Church, we
o glorify God
o proclaim the Gospel
o build disciples
o live out sacrificial lifestyle
o love our neighbor
o serve the needy
o bring hope to the hopeless

Be an authentic and loving community that welcomes, accepts, and cares about our neighbors. We love because God first loved us. This love relationship allows us to experience Christian faith in everyday life.

Reach out to communities around us – at our school and workplace, among our friends and relatives, and in our neighborhoods and overseas. Share the good news that is shaping our lives.


Continue to grow in our life through the ups and downs, successes and failures, health and sickness. We walk through each of the seasons of life together. Under the lordship of Jesus Christ, our life is transformed for the glory of God.


Be a family that serves and supports one another despite our limitations. We are each empowered and entrusted with unique gifts to fulfill different roles for God’s purpose.


Understand the society in which we live, and recognize that Christian faith is relevant in contemporary culture. We are flexible and willing to try new ways to collaborate Christian faith with contemporary culture.
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